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It’s easier to treat the drug addict than it is to treat screen addict.

- Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

Screen addiction is the new age, global problem

Kids are getting sucked in to virtual world of screens, harming their health, behavioural and learning aspects. Screen is also disconnecting kids from real world. Screen science is so powerful that we learn whatever we see on it, for example TV ads, songs etc. We are using same science to spread education with patent pending EduTree device and Mobile app.

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Make screen time educative and productive.

You waste 15-20 minutes on advertisement per hour of TV viewing, totalling to several years during life time. EduTree capitalise on this and provide EduTainment by replacing TV ads with education. Making learning as easy as remembering TV ads so you can learn a chapter during ad breaks of a movie. We call it one movie one chapter. With EduTree mobile app, get education to unlock other application.

Monitor your kid's digital foot print

Through unique patent pending technology, EduTree device and mobile application allows you to safely monitor kid's TV viewing and mobile using habits. With EduLock and EduEye you will be able to monitor and control where your kids spend time in digital world so you can take precautions for their safety and security in digital world.

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