Edu Academics

EduAcademic is one of the core offerings of EduTree which allows you to learn and get edutainment through amazing educational videos. You can see these videos not only during the ads but you can visit these applications anytime on EduTree to access all the wonderful educational contents at your will. EduAcademics offers you a World class education whenever and wherever you want.

Edu G.K

EduGK is the specifically designed and dedicated General Knowledge Application offering an advanced children learning. It covers GK of wonderful topics ranging from Space science to Geology and Sports to Leisure plus all sort of General knowledge, which is abundant to your appetite of knowledge and sufficient to make you more intelligent.

Edu Eye

EduEye is one of the most innovative features of EduTree. It’s an amazing parental control mechanism which helps you keep track of and control your kids’ TV viewing behavior, so that you can make sure that your kids don’t see any harmful content on TV which He/ She shouldn’t have seen. EduEye also helps you to keep a track of your kid’s learning behavior by analyzing whether your kid is learning by EduVideos or not and how the content is affecting your child’s brain. You can use EduEye on EduTree device but to make it more user-friendly and handy; you can access the EduEye through a mobile Application as well. So you can transform your TV from a personal salesman to a personal teacher for your kids. Isn’t it amazing! Now the Choice is yours.

Edu Tips

EduTree is not just a device but it’s a whole institution for monitoring the educational activities for kids and that is why it is equipped with EduTips - A guidance and counseling app which can guide kids and parents both for an enhanced kids learning. It also gives relevant tips on how to study with ease and shares the tips on parenting too. So if there is any confusion in the kids’ learning life, EduTree is there to support with its unique offerings.

Edu Progress

Through EduProgress, you can keep a track of your kids’ learning and educational activities on a daily basis. EduProgress allows you to check how many educational videos have your kid seen and how much has he/she understood by looking at the answer S/he has given. You can even check how many answers S/he has skipped and how many answers has S/he answered incorrectly along with the reason for it. Thus it allows you to take total control of learning activities for your kids. EduProgress gives you an opportunity to have a close look at your kids’ day-to-day education life, rather than wondering about his/her slow progress on the day of final result. Timely update on your child’s Educational progress can help you in assisting him/her in better way, thereby avoiding any major problem in the long term. EduProgress also lets you check your kid’s ranking and standing across various cities and countries, so that your kid can judge himself/herself in a better way as to where he/she stand in the overall ranking system.

Edu Test

EduTest is an application which allows the students to periodically check and asses their learning and knowledge, So that they can be better prepared for the upcoming test in schools and also be prepared for the competitive exams. Students can take two tests. One is Offline EduTest, which means the students can take a test whenever & wherever they want. They just need to select the chapter for which they want to take up a test and the question paper gets generated accordingly; which they can finish in a specified time. Once the test is over, they can see the result immediately. Students can also take an online EduTest, which are scheduled by EduTree or by the respective schools. Thus EduTest aims to provide the students with the competitive environment essential to appear in exams and preparing the kids’ mindset before the real exams.

Edu Revision

EduRevision is another advanced feature of EduTree which allows you to recall and recap whole your book in just around 30 minutes before the exams. EduRevision is a collection of EduVideos, prepared in such a way that the whole chapter can be summarized and presented in an easy to understand animated videos of just around 100 sec. Thus EduRevision helps you with the last minute exam preparation, so that you can surely score more with EduRevision concepts. In short EduRevision is a compilation of a whole Book in just around 30 minutes of amazing animated videos.

Edu Script

EduScripts is a collection of conceptual theories prepared by a team ofscientists. So if you just want to read through it, you can do that as well. Once you see a video and read through the script of that video, you would realize that most of the topics you have not just learned but have deeply understood too. Only the carefully designed learning websites for kids like EduTreecan provide such an insightful understandingof educational concepts. EduScript is an amazing guide to read stepwise and gather a thorough understanding of any topic.

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