EduTree: The world’s first and only patent pending technology replacing live TV ads with complete K12 education designed by scientists.

EduTree: Cerebroz EduTree is the world’s first and only innovative startup, replacing live TV ads with complete K12 education.

Cerebroz EduTree is recognised by Government of India’s startup India campaign and has also received Tax exemption benefit, being one of the most innovative startup of Government’s startup India scheme.


EduTree flaunts the one of most innovative design in the world, with EduGlobe being one of the most intricately designed structure. EduGlobe displays the loud clear message hidden inside it about the vision of Cerebroz EduTree. Educational fruits designed on Edutree portrays the knowledge and benefits of this unique device.


Edu-base is masterly designed With just 21mm height and 155mm in length to give the device perfect look and ability to sustain and support the high tech hardware. It is so slim that you can even put it in your pocket.


Works on IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol with 30m ideal line of sight range. Enabling ethernet connection, Edutree can work as Wi-Fi router.


Bluetooth v4.1 is best for exchanging data over short distances. With bluetooth v4.1 enabled EduTree can act as both hub and end point simultaneously.


With the help of EduTree share your smartphone videos, photos, and web pages on the big screen of your TV with ease and share your memories with family.