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EduLock allow parents to put a lock on gaming and unwanted apps. Only way to unlock this application is to watch educational videos in EduTree device or mobile apps as assigned by the parents. With EduLock you can ensure a learning session for your kids for each gaming and entertainment session.

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EduEye is a unique parental control through which you can convert any TV channel in to educational channel. All you need to do is select channel, set time limit and select Auto EduMode. Now during this selected time frame whenever kids go on that channel it automatically diverts them to education in EduTree device. You can also get channel statistics and screen time.

GK Quiz

General Knowledge quiz section is specifically designed to challenge your brain and make you learn new things outside of your syllabus. GK quiz keeps you entertained and enlightened.

Virtual EduTree Device

EduTree mobile app is in sync with EduTree device providing key feature of EduTree device on the go in mobile app as well. For example EduTest, Progress report, channel statistics and EduEye can also be accessed in mobile app making user's life easier and comfortable.