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EduKey is the world’s first universal remote cum mini keyboard with smooth touch pad. This revolutionary user interface makes your life better by removing pain of searching for different remotes. You can control all your devices like set top box, TV, computers with just one remote in addition of controlling the EduTree with EduKey. EduKey can be used in your daily life, like typing, chatting, surfing, playing games, office work, browsing etc, in addition of using it to interact with EduTree.

Feel comfortable

Inbuilt shortcuts, light weight, easy to operate adds to comfort level.

With 2.4G wireless
auto pairinge

Rapid connection, operating upto 10m, auto pairing, auto sleep pattern enables power saving.

Excellent full
qwerty design

Wireless connection with ergonomic handheld design, portable, elegant. Perfect for EduTree, PC, Pad, TV, Xbox, PS3, HTPC/IPTV and many more.

Smooth Touchpad

Single hand use smart mini touchpad. Very easy cursor movement, Single finger for left click and Double finger for Right click, Smooth Scroll bar.