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Cerebroz EduTree is the world’s first innovative startup, which replaces TV ads with educational content. Educational contents are designed and curated by scientists. It provides not only K12 academic education but also provides social education and general knowledge. Cerebroz has been recognized as an Innovative startup in government of India’s startup India campaign.

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Mrs. Hetal Dadawala


Television Ad affects child’s psychology, EduTree might help parents to save money by reducing useless spending.

Pratima Soni

Principal, LH Boghra high School, Surat

EduTree: An Innovative fusion device, which provides education and entertainment both at the same time.
As a parents I feel that my child is under the control of TV, and feel the need of EduTree. I am eagerly waiting for EduTree launch and will be the first person to buy it.

Chetna Patel

Principal, Lord’s Krishna International School, Surat

If EduTree provides education instead of Ad on TV,
students can easily understand the concepts visually and can remember it for longer time.

Dr. Manoj Bhavsar

Psychometric Specialist

General and social education,
must be provided from the age of 3.

Dr. Dilip Zinzala


You are come up with unique and great device EduTree that will help students to do something different and unique.

Dr. Manisha Vyas

Principal, L.P. Savani high School, Surat

Today’s Children become more self-centred and
also refrain social interactions.

Students, Jivan Bharti high school, Surat


Today we are under control of tv and we can’t think on our own. Through EduTree we will think and take decision by ourselves.         

Lord Krishna international School, Surat


If we would have received EduTree from our childhood our GK base would have been much stronger.