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Making learning fun as much as watching TV and playing games on mobile.

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EduVideos are syllabus mapped, 2 minutes long educational videos designed by the team of scientist and educators to make learning as simple as possible. EduVideos are 60 FPS, HD quality making learning feel alive on your screen. In addition to curriculum based content, EduVideos are also available for general knowledge (GK) making sure of the kids overall growth and development.

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Evaluation and Analysis

EduTree provides so detailed analysis through its huge repertoire of MCQ library that you can evaluate the performance of kids on each topic and each chapter. After each video view kids need to answer MCQ based on that topic for the quick evaluation. For detailed evaluation EduTest is there and you can keep track everything in EduTree's progress report section.

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EduRevision is a short, around 2 minutes long video summary of a whole chapter. With EduRevision your kids will be able to quickly go through the important concepts and will be able to score more. EduRevision is so powerful that you can quickly revise the whole book just before the exams in less than 1 hour.

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EduVideos in dual Audio

This features will bring Parents and students on the same page because many a time parents don't understand english language curriculum and that generates a gap between students and parents, With dual language for each EduVideos parents will be better able to understand kid's education.