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Demo Edu Videos

Why EduVideos fun with learning ?

Provides world’s best education at your finger tip

Provides EduTainement by making learning a fun activity

Conceptualized and prepared by the Scientist

Explains any concept in just
~100 sec

Covering Curriculum based academic education which available in dual language

Highlighting Age wise GK and Social Education for constructive toddler learning

Best educational content for kids learning conceptualized by the scientists.

EduVideos are one of the most intelligently created animated educational videos that the kids love to watch and learn from. EduVideos are designed and developed in such a smart way that an hour of a lecture is explained in just around 100 sec. EduVideos are created with a dual language support. Hence, the EduVideos make it easier for kids and parents to understand any topic in their native language as well as in English. EduVideos are currently available for K12 and mostly focuses on subjects like Mathematics, Science, GK and Social Education. We currently support CBSE, GSEB, ICSE boards. Support for rest of the state boards will be launched soon.

General Knowledge
Social Knowledge

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