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Combo for 2 Children -3 Year


  • Live TV advertisement replacer with positive content. Save your kids from negative and hazardous content aired on TV.
  • Parental control over TV -Parents can decide and control the content what their kid watch
  • Smart and effective NCERT based education curated by scientists and professional teachers.
  • Parents can aware of their child's progress on EduTree Android application and in device
  • Educational Content of Three academic years for both children. We are providing academic content for class 6 to 10 only. Select the active standard/class of your child. The subsequent academic standard will be automatically activated after the completion of each academic year.  
  • Free delivery within 3-4 days


M.R.P :

₹ 69,498

Price :

₹ 30,800

You Save :

Up to 55.68% off

Select active standard for your child one

Select active standard for your child two

EduTree is the world's first TV Ad replacer with educational content. Get home an EduTree and make learning a fun activity for kids; So that the way kids remember all the TV advertisements, they will digest the learning content more deeply with EduTree. We had embarked on a path to revolutionize the whole education system and the way we use digital media and technology. EduTree has many innovative features for students. It will change the TV/mobile viewing habit. Parents can save your kids from negative and hazardous content aired on TV. If you are concerned about your kid’s education and learning and wish to induce meaningful educational activities for kids, EduTree is the best suited for your children.
EduKey is a universal smart mini keyboard + Mouse + IR remote EduKey is the world’s first universal remote cum mini keyboard with smooth touchpad. This revolutionary user interface makes your life better by removing the pain of searching for different remotes. You can control all your devices like a set-top box, TV, computers with just one remote in addition to controlling the EduTree with EduKey. EduKey can be used in your daily life, like typing, chatting, surfing, playing games, office work, browsing etc, in addition to using it to interact with EduTree.
EduVideo is Best educational content for kids learning conceptualized by scientists. EduVideos are one of the most intelligently created animated educational videos that the kids love to watch and learn from. Edu-Videos are designed and developed in such a smart way that an hour of a lecture is explained in just around 100 sec.

  • Edu-Academics: Standard wise educational video of each chapter of Maths and Science
  • Edu-GK: Specifically designed and dedicated General Knowledge Application offering advanced children learning. 
  • Edu-Revision: Chapter wise Revision Videos
  • My Progress: Keep a track of your kids’ learning and educational activities on a daily basis. 
  • Edu-Tips: A guidance and counselling app which can guide kids and parents both for enhanced kids learning. 
  • Edu-Test: Online and Offline Test facility
  • Edu-Library: A collection of conceptual theories prepared by a team of scientists. So if you just want to read through it, you can do that as well.
  • Edu-Eye: An amazing parental control mechanism which helps you keep track of and control your kids’ TV viewing behaviour.
  •  Edu-Update: Get Update for All New Video Availability
  • Edu-Cast: Mira cast or mobile Mirroring facility
  • Edu-Browser: Smart and protective browsing facility for your child 
Product Installation: 
  • If your TV and Set-top box have HDMI port, use HDMI cable to connect EduTree in between TV and Set Top Box. Connect HDMI out of STB to HDMI Input of EduTree and connect HDMI out of EduTree to HDMI Input of TV using HDMI cable. 
  • If your TV and Set Top Box has AV port, use AV cable to connect EduTree in between TV and Set Top Box. Connect AV out of STB to AV Input of EduTree and connect AV out of EduTree to AV Input of TV using AV cable.
  • Connect Power Adapter with EduTree. 
  • Connect USB Dongle of EduKey remote to USB port of EduTree. 
  • Turn ON TV, STB, EduTree. Turn ON EduKey remote using its power button situated in the upper right part.

DeliveryFree delivery within 3-4 days 

Package Includes: EduTree + EduKey + Power Adaptor + HDMI cables + 2x AV cables + Charging USB cable for EduKey + User Manuals for EduTree and EduKey

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